Monochromes intérieurs

Monochromes intérieurs (Inner monochromes) is an extension of both Ripe and Points de référence. An interactive performance playing with the inner movements induced by visual and sonic elements.

The performers and spectators wear headphones and 1D glasses. With the 1D glasses colour becomes an infinite space, without shapes. In the absence of anything concrete sensitivity increases as the brain seeks something to see. Some vague ghost-like forms begin to appear, followed by clear geometric shapes, lines, and hallucinations. In the headphones the sound of an unplugged electric cello is placed right in the centre of the skull. Just four strings devoid of any resonance, making a sound that is both very pure, strange and of a particular harshness. In the absence of any cultural reference to understand it, this new sound culture is met as it happens.

When combined, the sense of immersion into oneself becomes so strong that it is almost unbearably intense. The artists are also immersed in the installation and are also affected by the colours and sounds they produce. This creates a feedback loop between their instantaneous states of mind and the way these states of mind interact with each other. An inner movement is induced by the sounds and colours, causing the brain to surrender to the body. It is an abstract alternative to the realism of ultra high definition and virtual reality. An opposite direction that explores a more intimate connection with our inner world and with the visible and invisible forces of nature that surround us and link us to everything and everyone.

When fifty people experience this simultaneously, it becomes an individual and shared experience, a form of collective hallucination.

Artists :
Jonathan O’Hear and Brice Catherin

8,10,15,17 June 2022

Flux laboratory
5, rue de la muse
1205 Genève
T +41 22 308 14 50