Du pétrole

This sculpture, Du pétrole, is intended as an invitation to contemplate our insatiable need to consume plastic and to the importance of oil in our economic system. We are literally drowning in a bottle of water, it’s absurd.
We create carbon neutral vehicles that indirectly consume a lot of oil, it’s absurd.
Our clothes, our toys, our appliances, our perfumes, our sports and hiking equipment are derived from oil, it’s absurd.
It’s endless and it’s absurd, like this sculpture that creates beauty and puts these problems on display by needlessly melting plastic.
The questioning is also absurd because the attention is focused on the melting plastic and ignores the intense light which, of course consumes oil, possibly even more than the plastic.
The plastic that is used is biodegradable and reused, recycled or upcycled. The electricity depends largely on the choices of the country and the venue where the sculpture is performed.
Created in 2015 for performance process at the CCS – Paris, this sculpture is a reaction to the austerity measures imposed on Greece by our absurd economic system.


Du pétrole – /inutile : Don austérité 1- Prototype
Scène danse Fête de la musique, Genève 2015

Du pétrole – /inutile : Don austérité 2 – Installation
Centre culturel suisse de Paris, Paris 2015

Du pétrole – Don austérité 3 – Performance
ADC, Genève