1D glasses

This experiential installation draws on what light actually is, how we relate to it as humans and how it impacts us physiologically and psychologically. Beyond objects, it’s the light itself which is at the centre of our attention.
1D-Glasses explores light as a colour space, outside of images and shapes by removing the 3-dimensional world and replacing it with colour. This installation offers an abstract alternative to the realism of Ultra HD videos and 3D virtual reality; a more intimate connection to our very real inner world. With 1D-Glasses everything disappears from the surroundings, leaving just a pure and immediate connection to colour. An abstract space where it becomes hard to separate the inner from the outer. The absence of shapes shifts the brain into overdrive. As the mind tries to find something to see it pushes its sensitivity to higher levels and the sense of immersion gets stronger, at times almost unbearably intense, and then the hallucinations begin.


1D glasses – Radio Théâtre
Fête du Théâtre, Théâtre du Grütli, Geneva, 2015

1D glasses – Sensoriel Laps
Nuit de la Science, Parc de la Perle du Lac, Geneva, 2016

1D glasses – /Inutile –
Association pour la Danse Contemporaine, Geneva, 2017

Kaserne Basel, Basel, 2017

Rote Fabrik, Zurich, 2017

1D glasses – Monochromes intérieurs –
Flux laboratory,
Geneva, 2022
more about this version here